cristen rodgers

" Woman, you are a spring breeze just beginning to take flight. You are the breath of God, the cradle of light, boundless potential as great as the sky, all packed in a body that itself creates life."

I'm originally from a tiny little town in Upstate NY but I've been calling Texas home since 2010. I'm a mother of two little wildlings, a boy and a girl, and they are my heart and soul. Some of my absolute favorite things are a good ol' neutral color palette, levi's mom jeans, a hot cup of coffee, and my babies on my hips. I love traveling, so if you live someplace else and it happens to be on my bucket list, I just may have a special offer for you! I'm passionate about capturing a woman's inner beauty through my lens and I tend to seek natural light to bathe my subjects in. Merging your unique beauty and fine art to create timeless and ethereal portraits are what sets my soul on fire.

owner and photographer