We live in a world where people believe there are superior genders and races. That the melanin in our skin is a measure for how worthy we are. We live in a world where people feel rightful in taking the lives of those they believe are less than, and it has GOT TO STOP. Each of the women in these photographs comes from a different background, they are of different ethnicities, different religions, morals and ideas. Together we’ve created portraits bringing light to what female empowerment means to us. It is about respecting and supporting another woman and her RIGHT to have different faiths, morals, and ideas. It is about women omitting comparisons amongst themselves. You’ve probably heard sayings along the lines of, ‘real women have curves, muscles, morals, etc…’ but we are ALL REAL WOMEN and we have to show appreciation for ourselves and for other women exactly as we are. The things that make us unique are the things that make us powerful, and if we just joined forces with those strengths and chose to empower ourselves and the women in our communities, can you imagine what a difference we would make?