Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen, we have officially reached February which means that the Superbowl of Sex, or Valentine’s Day, is upon us.  We felt it important to prepare for the big game with 6 sultry and surprising sex tips for you and your lover. Whether you’re single AF or have been with your […]

Living in unprecedented times, we decided to share helpful tips on how to find a good therapist and bare it all with our own therapy experiences.  I grew up in a household in the South where therapy was something for people who admitted to having serious issues. The stigma that something had to be really […]

As we’ve officially entered cuffing season, we felt inspired to curate a list of 5 uniquedomestic vacation destinations to inspire your relationship. Whether you’re casually dating, recently off-the-market or have been with yoursignificant other for a significant amount of time, traveling is a fantastic way to test andrefresh your compatibility. From glistening beaches, a stunning […]

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Now that we know what the dating landscape is like from Dating in the Time of Covid and how to prepare to date with purpose from The Dating Roadmap, let’s get to swiping!  It’s wildly easy to get excited about online dating but many people hit the first roadblock which is … what on earth […]

In “Dating In The Time of Covid”, I introduced the alluring “dating roadmap”. In my experience, the differences between dating with and without a roadmap are monumental but it is ultimately a choice whether to use one.  Picture this, you’re in Paris, the city of lights that is bubbling over with romance, breathtaking architecture, the […]

Like many single girls, I started 2020 by firing up Bumble with dates on dates on dates lined up at least 3 days a week.  I had dating down to a science (it’s a numbers game after all). I would match and engage in conversation with 10 potential suitors, spark interest via chat/text with 5, […]

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