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Elizabeth Jones is a photographer, (dog) lover, and mother of two wildlings. Although born and raised in Upstate NY, she has been calling the south of Texas her home for 13 years, living in Friendswood with her family and their chocolate lab, Fred. A number nine on the enneagram. An appreciator of the small moments and simple joys in life.

Her approach is creating photographs of her subjects that are simple and genuine, focusing on the real moments that unfold before her. She is a visual storyteller specializing in editorial boudoir and couples photography. She also owns a sister brand where she focuses on editorial senior photography and lifestyle portraiture - you can visit that site here.

The whole of Elizabeth's work is about finding the beauty in the simple and complex places - about helping others see the beauty in themselves and the magic that they put out into the world. It is less about creating the perfect image and more about finding the beauty in the honest one. Elizabeth uses a combination of 35mm film and digital to create her aesthetic.

It’s the way the sunlight brings out the ocean in your eyes. The way the freckles dust your shoulder tops. It's pancakes on the kitchen floor at midnight. It’s a two-person dance party on the roof of the parking garage.The way your hands fit together just right. The way they look at you when you laugh.

I want to capture you & all of your beauty.
I want to capture your love authentically.

Your full, authentic self is always welcome here. Your boudoir session should feel empowering and comfortable - your feminine energy accepted and welcomed. Your couples session should feel wild and free - like you’re out on a date and someone just happens to be there to capture it. No awkward prom poses, just you and your love in the moment.

WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY ARTISTIC DOCUMENTATION AND knack for helping women feel empowered & beautiful.

My style is a little drama, a little nostalgia, and a whole lot of fun. (Think “main character energy.”) I feed off your emotions and work hard to capture your love in an artful, creative, yet authentic way that’s true to who you are.


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photography is the most beautiful marriage of art and connection.