6 Sultry & Surprising Sex Tips to Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

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Fasten your seatbelts ladies and gentlemen, we have officially reached February which means that the Superbowl of Sex, or Valentine’s Day, is upon us. 

We felt it important to prepare for the big game with 6 sultry and surprising sex tips for you and your lover. Whether you’re single AF or have been with your partner since before dial-up internet, there’s always something to learn darling! We referenced the National Bestseller, “The Joy of Sex – A Gourmet Guide to Love Making” for our quoted tips below. 

Before we dive into bed, “there are only 2 guidelines for good sex- don’t do anything you don’t really enjoy and find out your partner’s needs and don’t balk at them”. 

  1. Location, location, location: “The ideal surface for most kinds of intercourse needs to be rather harder than comfortable”, making beds not the best place for sex. May we suggest … a chair or ottoman, the kitchen counter, a desk, a workout bench, or a padded area on the floor (in front of a fireplace if you have one). 
  2. Use your biggest organ: We’re not talking about a penis you filthy animal… we’re talking about your skin! “Skin is our chief extragenital sexual organ. Skin stimulation is a major component of all sex. Not only its feel when touched, but its coolness, texture and tightness are triggers for a whole range of sex feelings”. May we suggest… long, slow, broad tongue strokes starting from the lower back (up the spine) and around down the front of your partner’s body. Simply start by touching each other … everywhere … slowly (you may discover some new erogenous zones which are commonly in the most untouched areas of the body)
  3. Mirror, mirror on the wall:  Make lovemaking a spectator sport by bringing in 1 or 2 large mirrors into your sexual space. Merely viewing yourself and your partner in any act you wish is an additional turn-on and a fascinating thrill. If you’re a little shy, try playing with dim lighting and candlelight. We highly recommend this exercise just to see how beautiful you are (no matter what age, size, shape, or scars) in the beautiful act of making love. Don’t forget the soundtrack! May we suggest…Sade, The Weekend, Kings of Leon, Frank Ocean, Miguel or any artist that makes you feel stellar.  
  4. Role play: Channel your inner starlet and choose a simple scene or storyline to act out and don’t forget a few props! Maybe you’re a head chef with a VIP table (props: spatula, apron, wine, chocolate covered strawberries), a high-powered CEO working late with a looming deadline and an arrogantly attractive assistant (props: fake files, glasses, scissors to cut a blouse that must come off instantly) or a dashing doctor with a sultry sick patient in need of a thorough examination (props: thermometer, scrubs/ white jacket, stethoscope, clipboard). 
  5. Vroom vroom: If you’re heading out for a date night dinner, why not start foreplay before you’ve returned to the house? Use caution when taking this advice as this can be wildly arousing but also distracting for the driver. A few outside-the-pants strokes at a stoplight or a finger in the mouth before an insatiable high school inspired make out in the driveway. We suggest getting to a peak point and proceeding with tip #1. 
  6. The Element of Surprise: Something unexpected during lovemaking is usually cause alone for arousal. Whether that be lingerie/ going commando, a cock ring or vibrator or incorporating food or drinks (Maybe less George Costanza with a sandwich in Seinfeld and more Varsity Blues ice cream Sunday bikini or Samantha Jones in SATC sushi body). Any activity in everyday life can become sexy …even assembling furniture if you read the instructions in a sultry voice with no bra on. 

Being thoughtful is the sexiest thing that anyone can do for you this Valentine’s Day and every day in the bedroom (or wherever you are getting your jollies). Just remember darlings, keep it safe, communicative, and consensual always.

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